Design Your Antique Fireplace Ideas

In building a house, there are many elements that you can build, including a living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and more. There is also one important element in building a house is a fireplace. You need some fireplace design ideas as a reference in building your house. Fireplace ideas should be adapted to the style of the house you use.

Antique fireplace is one of the fireplace ideas that you can use. Although in today many modern fireplace design, but do not wrong you try to design a fireplace with the old-fashioned way. The fireplace ideas create the impression of classic. Most of them are made of brick or wood. The fireplace ideas can be a fun activity when you light the fire with firewood together.

Log basket
Logs are typically the basket holder made of brass, iron, or steel. But in the fireplace ideas, fireplace uses antique wood on the log basket. It is intended that still look traditional fireplace.

Glass Andirons
Andirons in the fireplace ideas also use glass to create an elegant atmosphere. Glass Andiron found in a wide range of sizes and types. You can use it in accordance with fireplace design you use.

you can use the screen for protection from sparks. Old fashioned screen design could be used on the fireplace ideas to create the feel of old-fashioned.

This is the additional fireplace ideas you can use. Your fireplace will look more elegant if you use open furnace design with carved designs scarring.

Candelabras candle into the fireplace alternative to other ideas that you should apply on your antique fireplace. Romantic atmosphere will appear if you are with your partner in this antique fireplace.

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